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Therapy Session

Your Consultation

I warmly welcome you to my practice. I run a small business and I interact with every patient at all stages of your visit to the clinic.

This means that at every appointment, you will consistently see me and your care is not shared amongst multiple chiropractors.

Before your initial visit, if you book online, you will be sent an online form to complete beforehand. If you do not complete the form, please come in 10 minutes before your appointment to complete a paper form in the waiting area. If you have any relevant reports (e.g. x-ray or MRI reports), please kindly bring them along if possible.

At this point, I will invite you to the consulting room where we will go through a detailed case history. If you take medication, please bring a list of what you take and for which conditions.

I will then get your consent to examine you. This normally includes orthopaedic and neurological tests. At the end of the examination, I will go through my findings and what treatment I would recommend. ​If it is necessary based on the consultation, I may ask you to see your GP or other healthcare professional. 

If I feel it is safe and appropriate and there is enough time, treatment will be offered at the first session. This session may last between fourty minutes and one hour. 

Please feel free to ask questions at any stage!  I will obtain consent before treatment begins and if at any point during your sessions, you wish to withdraw consent, please let me know.

* We are unable to fill a slot with short or no notice. This impacts a small business. Please note that all late cancellations (under 24 hours) and no-shows will be charged a full treatment fee). 



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